Lesbian Movie Scenes 
My top 5 favorite lesbian movie scenes 
My top 5 favorite lesbian movie scenes
 - all from mainstream movies and tv shows only!

There have been more and more lesbian characters  in mainstream movies and TV shows over recent years. These include critically acclaimed movies and of course some trashy ones that border on soft porn.

But there are no lack of steamy lesbian kisses today and here is a list of my personal top 10 favourite lesbian movie scenes in no particular order because it's really hard to rank them.

The list might change order or even change altogether next week for all I know.

Coming up with a top 10 list is tough for this genre as there are just too many great scenes and ultimately, choosing one's favourite is largely subjective.


A Brian de Palma classic from 2002, Femme Fatale suffers from an implausible plot even as many lauded it on its ambitious effort to tell movie goers that knowledge is not the same as information.

Starring a stunning Rebecca Romijn and Antonio Banderas, Femme Fatale is better known for its opening sequence where the heist takes place in a ladies' bathroom where Rebecca Romijn and Rie Rasmussen share some steamy lesbian kisses.


A Girl Thing is a mini TV series that is made up of 4 episodes each telling the relationships between different couples. One of the episodes explore the lesbian relationship between a straight woman and a lesbian, played by Elle Macpherson and Kate Capshaw.

Their kissing scenes are nothing less than convincing and very hot.


A so-so romantic comedy, Gray Matters does not have a great script or premise either but the two leading ladies are so good looking, all is forgiven. Their lesbian kissing scene is cute and gets to be seriously hot.

You wish it could have gone on a little longer.


A short-lived TV series, Fastlane stars Tiffany-Amber Thiessen as an LA undercover cop. Jaime Pressly guests in an episode and the two share a hot tub moment with some excellent lesbian kissing.


Powder Park or its original German title "Plotzlich Erwachsen" is a 2001-2005 TV series. The scene is from one of the episodes that is a very brief one between the two gorgeous ladies but again it's the buildup to the scene that makes it totally hot.

And yes, I wish the scene could have gone on a whole lot longer.

These are but a a few drops in the vast rich ocean of movies and television shows. Certainly there seems to be an uptrend on having these lesbian scenes that some might dismiss as mere publicity or marketing gimmicks but one thing is for certain, they are tastefully done, add to the storyline and with two beautiful ladies showing affection, who can complain?